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Coaching with Kristin

I'm so glad you are interested in coaching services! You can learn more about coaching service offerings, pricing, and how to get started below but feel free to reach out with any follow up questions or concerns via email or phone any time! 


Coaching Packages and Pricing

(Start at the beginning of each calendar month - full package must be paid upfront at the beginning of the month)


1 Session per month + Phone Call + Instant Messages Monday-Friday

$175 for one 30 Minute Video Session + one 15 Minute Phone Call + Instant Messaging 


2 Sessions per month + Phone Call + Instant Messages Monday-Friday

$250 for two 30 Minute Sessions + one 15 Minute Phone Call  + Instant Messaging 

3 Sessions per month + Phone Call + Instant Messages Monday-Friday

$325 for three 30 Minute Sessions + one 15 Minute Phone Call + Instant Messaging 


4 Sessions per month + Phone Call + Instant Messaging Monday-Friday

$400 for four 30 Minute Sessions + two 15 Minute Phone Calls  + Instant Messaging

Do I qualify for coaching?

Life Coaching is for clients who want to focus on present or future issues and work through every day life concerns. It is active, goal oriented, and designed to get you where you want to be more quickly. It is not the right fit for clients who are struggling with larger or more long-term mental health concerns or who want to process past trauma. Before starting coaching services, you will be asked to complete an assessment and a consultation to confirm you are a good fit. 

Is coaching virtual or in-person?

Currently coaching is only offered virtually.

How do I schedule my coaching sessions or calls?

You can schedule all sessions at the beginning of the month or week by week as needed. Some weeks you may want to skip sessions all together and then schedule two sessions for the following week. An awesome aspect of coaching is that the shorter sessions + instant messaging allows you to tackle problems more head on as the come up! 

What do I do if I don't use all of my sessions within the month?

Your sessions roll over one month into the future, but your phone call(s) does not. For example, if you are on the 3 sessions per month plan and only schedule two sessions between March 1st - March 31st, the 3rd session will roll over into April and you can schedule 4 sessions that month. If you do not book your remaining March session in April, you will lose that session. 

How does the instant messaging work? 

You can message your coach at anytime and they will do their best to respond as quickly as they can between 9am-5pm CT, however, please note that there will be delays at times due to your counselor being in other sessions or calls. If you message your counselor after hours (after 5pm CT), you can expect an answer by 12pm CT the following week day. If you are unsatisfied by the response time or number of messages, you can ask to change your coaching package type before the next month's charge is due. 

Should I schedule my phone call in advance or as needed?

Either one! Say you have an important meeting at work scheduled for Thursday afternoon and know you will want to quickly process it Thursday evening, you are more than welcome to book that phone call in advance. Alternatively, say you have an unexpected fight with your partner or roommate Monday night and aren't sure how to move forward. You can message your counselor Monday night and they they will message you no later than Tuesday morning with the next available time for a phone call (most likely that same day).

Can I change the amount of sessions I have selected per month or cancel all together?

Yes! You can change the number of sessions you have selected month by month. You will just need to email your counselor before the end of the month as billing will occur on the 1st of each month. You can cancel your coaching package at any time as well, just make sure to email prior to the 1st of the next month. 

Coaching FAQs

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