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Counseling Packages and Pricing

We know counseling can be expensive so to support our clients who would benefit from more frequent counseling sessions, some of our counselors are now offering package pricing or sliding scale pricing. While we do not take insurance, some counselors can also provide superbills for you submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

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Counseling Packages

Package pricing allows you to still pay week by week, but the price decreases the more frequently you meet with your counselor per month so clients who need to meet more often can still get the support they need.

Kristin Smart offers counseling packages at the following pricing:

  • Sessions are 50 minutes and are paid per session

    • One session per month: $175

    • Two sessions per month: $325

    • Three session per month: $450

    • Four sessions per month: $550

Sliding Scale Services

Sliding scale service rates are based on your income and life circumstances. This makes it possible to get therapy even if we don't accept your insurance or you can't afford the standard rate. Both Hailee Tennant and Sana Hamirani offer sliding scale services, but they have a limited number of spots available. When you submit your consult or appointment request, please note this in your request and they can share more about availability and the documentation needed to qualify for these services. 


A super bill is a document, like an invoice or receipt, that outlines the services you received with your therapist. Kristin Smart can provide superbills for services, but we encourage you to call your insurance directly to inquire about your out of network coverage before beginning services to get an idea of reimbursement amount. 

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