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Nutrition Counseling

At Being Wellness, we believe your mind and body are intricately connected and your diet and nutrition play a huge role in your mental health so we partner with Nutrition DiscoveRD to provide services to individuals with various medical & mental health conditions and nutrition goals. Nutrition DiscoveRD practitioners enjoy working with each client to create personalized treatment plans based on their needs such as health history, activity level, preferences, schedules, and beliefs determined during one-on-one sessions. Sessions are available in-person and virtually through video conferencing. We take a weight neutral approach to nutrition counseling, meaning we are not weight focused. Instead, we focus on each individual to facilitate change in their relationship with food and activity, energy level, overall health and well-being, and body image.

To Book a Consultation or Initial Session with Nutrition DiscoveRD, please reach out directly to: and we can connect you or you can learn more about the services and specialties through their website at:

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