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Counseling & Therapy Services

Individual Therapy: If you are struggling with low or high level mental health issues, individual counseling is probably the best fit for you. Your therapist will explore your past and present to assist you in understanding what you are going through and create a collaborative treatment plan to help you find relief from your symptoms and live a happier, healthy life.

$100-160 per 50-Minute Session, $60-80 per 30-Minute Session

Couples Therapy: If you and your partner or you and a loved one are struggling in your relationship, couples or family counseling can help. Through couple's counseling, you can work to improve your relationship dynamics and work through issues both inside and outside of the relationship.

$150 per 50-Minute Session

Walk & Talk Therapy: During Walk & Talk Therapy, individuals will receive the same services provided in Individual Counseling but will be able to have a more active experience. Individuals receive the benefits of therapy while also enjoying the benefits of sunshine, vitamin D, and endorphins. This service is only available during daylight hours (Spring-Fall) and is not available for intake or assessment sessions.

$100-160 per 50-Minute Session, $60-85 per 30-Minute Session

*Pricing is based off of which therapist you schedule with. We also offer sliding scale services based on income, reach out to to see if you qualify.

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